23 Sep

Lessons Taught By Gay Fathers

There is much to be learnt from the experiences of gay fathers, say recent articles in both Times Live and The Conversation. The traditional family nucleus of heterosexual mother and father looking after and caring for their children in typical stereotyped manner is somewhat fractured by the existence of homosexual couples and their own form of child care, but the changes made by homosexual couples and their childcare can be beneficial rather than negative for the family. This gives society a few pointers as to how parenting should be undertaken in the modern day and age.

The first point that gay parents seem to bring into contention is the perception of gender roles. For years women have been expected to be typical housewives, looking after children and ensuring a well-kept home. Men, meanwhile, have typically been the breadwinners, and have naturally drifted away from emotional attachment with children. However, the concept of biological motherhood needs to be entirely discarded by gay parents. Traditional concepts of ‘women-only’ activities reserved for mothers need to be undertaken by gay men in order to responsibly bring up their children. And if gay men can do it, why not heterosexual fathers?

If men take over some of the responsibilities associated with motherhood, then both genders will stand a lot to gain from such a change. For one, fathers will spend a lot of additional time with their children, and they can therefore develop their relationships between father and child. Women will also be afforded the time to participate in the workforce, and they will not have the added responsibility of participating in ALL aspects of child-rearing. Instead child care will be a shared responsibility by both parents.

The articles made a reference to the fact that gay marriages, and childcare undertaken by a gay parents, is often believed to threaten the typical heterosexual relationship. There can be nothing farther from the truth. Families unified by the relationship between gay couples often deliver lessons that can be learnt by all. The most important lesson they can teach is that parenting is a shared responsibility for both parents, and that in cases regarding child custody both the father and mother should have equal rights regarding childcare and contact. If you require a specialized Child Custody Attorney with years of legal experience, contact Ivan Zartz Attorneys today.