Child Custody

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My aim as a family lawyer in South Africa is to provide legal guardians of children involved in custody disputes with the legal assistance they need to resolve issues as quickly and satisfactorily as possible. At all times during the process, emphasis will be on the ultimate welfare, health and happiness of the child/children, and my team and I will only pursue solutions that recognize that – whether it means that the mother, father or other legal guardian is granted custodial rights.

Child custody in South Africa covers a wide range of legal issues arising from divorce on which I am qualified to advise, including:

  • Contact
  • Access
  • Care
  • Unlawful removal

At my law firm in Johannesburg, my team understands the emotional trauma and stress that a parent or guardian undergoes in the time of divorce and child custody disputes. Together, we will strive to do everything it takes to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly, affordable and – most importantly – within your child’s best interests. Child custody in South Africa involves gaurdianship issues concerned with fathers custody rights and mothers custody rights and the resultant parenting plan agreement. Divorce attorneys in Johannesburg like Ivan Zartz always provide the latest appropriate legal advice.

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Child custody issues usually include questions your lawyer can resolve about:

  • The location of your child’s primary residence
  • The possibilities of joint custody
  • The rights of different parents/legal guardians
  • Rules about overnight stays, access to your child and supervision of visits
  • Maintenance amounts and payment issues
  • What to do if your child is removed unlawfully from the area or country (also see the post on International Child Abductions where you will find the relevant application form to get the process going)
  • What to do if your child isn’t receiving appropriate care from a parent or guardian
  • What to do if you feel that guardianship was granted on an unfair basis (i.e. gender of the parent/guardian)

At Ivan Zartz Attorneys, We Understand Your Priorities as a Parent

My experience in child custody issues isn’t just professional – I have personally gone through these disputes and am one of the first fathers to obtain custody of a minor child. As someone who has first-hand experience of being inside the process, I have the unique ability to see both sides of the issue and am able to give my clients the support, advice and legal assistance necessary to achieve a favorable result.

My team and I understand the legal processes you’re going through, the stress you are experiencing and the results that you want to achieve. Contact me today or complete the Message Form to the right of this page and discover an attorney who is dedicated and driven to be with you every step of the way!

Ivan Zartz is qualified and experienced in dealing with a wide range of child custody disputes, including:

  • Access
  • Care
  • Unlawful removal
  • Contact
At Ivan Zartz Attorneys, you aren’t a number, you’re a valued client – we have the personal and professional experience to assist you in this traumatic and stressful time