What you can expect

Ivan Zartz Attorneys are dedicated to providing exceptional client service with personal contact at all times.  This has been their method of doing business for the last 20 years and clients have often expressed their appreciation.  What does this mean for you?
  • Quick turnaround times and effective communication, so you know exactly what is happening and when.
  • Getting the results you need by taking a firm line and no-nonsense approach to all matters in their care.
Areas of expertise include:
  1. Family Law, with a particular focus on Child Custody, Parental Responsibilities, Surrogate Motherhood.
  2. Debt Collection (non-litigious/undisputed) services for local and international clients with monies amounting to over R80 000.
  3. Sectional Title matters relating to outstanding levies and poor payment history.
  4. Insolvent Companies/Directors, by acting on behalf of Creditors and Liquidators, engaging forensic auditors and acting on behalf of distressed directors both in South Africa and internationally.