Overview of Defended Actions

Defended Actions relate to those situations where individuals need to make a defensive response to initial legal action taken by companies and institutions.

Examples of this could be:

  1. Where your bank is foreclosing on a loan, or
  2. The arrears on your bond threaten the ownership of your home, or
  3. You have agreed to stand surety for someone else’s debt and now you are being called upon to pay.

The bottom line is – you may be requiring assistance to help get you out of trouble. Then “Defended Actions” is the area of legal assistance which you need.

Please have a look at the Articles posted under this heading and see if any situations sound similar to yours, or else contact the Ivan Zartz Attorneys team today by using one of the methods shown to the right of this page.


Initial consultations are charged at R1 500 excluding VAT.  Thereafter should you wish to continue with the matter, a fee is discussed and agreed upon.