Dispute Resolution

Resolution of child custody issues include care, access, unlawful removal and divorce. There are numerous concerns in this area, some of which are shown below.  A  consultation with the team at Ivan Zartz Attorneys will help to shed light on the approach which needs to be taken, so that you achieve a satisfactory conclusion.
  • The location of your child’s primary residence
  • The possibilities of joint custody
  • The rights of different parents/legal guardians
  • Rules about overnight stays, access to your child and supervision of visits
  • Maintenance amounts and payment issues
  • What to do if your child is removed unlawfully from the area or country
  • What to do if your child isn’t receiving appropriate care from a parent or guardian
  • What to do if you feel that guardianship was granted on an unfair basis (i.e. gender of the parent/guardian)

Feel free to use the contact details shown on the right of this page and you will receive a callback with assistance.

Initial consultations are charged at R1 500 excluding VAT.  Thereafter should you wish to continue with the matter, a fee is discussed and agreed upon. Kindly note that free telephone consultations are not part of the Ivan Zartz Attorneys service.