25 May

The Best Interest Of The Child: The ISIS Case

The best interests of the child are the primary considerations with regards to all actions concerning children, whether it be in the courts of law , private welfare and social welfare of the child. This standard is maintained across the board and in all countries that are susceptible to international law and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The ISIS Case

A recent situation occurred in England that perfectly highlights the government’s responsibility, as well as their right, to make decisions regarding the custody of the child and to do so in the best interest of the child. A mother of three from Leicester UK decided to move to an ISIS-controlled region within Syria with her children, obviously to pursue a lifestyle invested in religious ideology and warfare. Her arrest at the airport (on the suspicion of religious radicalisation and affiliation with ISIS) provided evidence of her interest in having her children grow up in the war-afflicted country and under ISIS law.

Child custody services appealed to the court and its judge that he come to a written agreement regarding the lives of the children, and what their futures entailed. The court came to the decision that it was in the best interest of the children to be removed from the custody of their mother, and placed in the care of their maternal grandparents. The woman now faces criminal charges as well as international charges for her affiliation with jihadists.

The Best Interest Of The Child

The police protection order, submitted by airport security, was enforced, and the children were then immediately placed into foster care before being handed to their grandparents. This event highlights the state’s right to ensure that ‘the best interest of the child’ precedent is upheld, and that the courts, as well as the law, should do everything in its power to enforce change in the best interest of the child.

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