24 Aug

Problems of Surrogacy

For some the idea of surrogacy may be a beautiful thing. It allows those who are unable to have children the chance to get what they always wanted. Whether they are restricted by their sexual preferences or they are unable to have children because of medical issues, surrogacy can provide couples with the option of having someone else bear their own child.

However, there are issues regarding surrogacy. Problems of surrogacy involve ethics, medical complications and problems regarding the surrogate mother.

  • Ethical issues include the religious implications. Many Christian denominations believe that surrogacy is immoral, and in the Islamic faith surrogacy is banned altogether. Some other religions allow surrogacy, but only if certain conditions are met.
  • Many people believe that surrogacy is akin to the selling of the babe. Surrogate mothers  are usually believed to be desperate women, and they can be victims of prejudice in their societies and families. The issue of contact between birth mothers and the child are also highly controversial, as some parents do not believe that their children should ever meet their biological mothers.
  • The health of the biological mother is also a risk as they are prone to infection or the chances of twins and triplets. Artificial insemination also leads to many miscarriages, and this will affect both the parents and the biological mother.
  • Intended parents also stand the risk of losing their child due to the behaviors of biological mothers as they go about their daily lives. Some mothers drink, and on the rare occurrence may even take drugs that can affect the baby’s health.
  • Some surrogate mothers will choose to keep their child after their pregnancy. In this case either the mother or the intended parents will be grievously upset by the choice made in court.

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