12 Aug

When Parents Turn Poisonous

Ivan Zartz’s experience in cases involving Parental Alienation Syndrome has prompted the South African YOU magazine to seek Ivan Zartz’z consultation regarding an article pertaining to the subject.

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the unfortunate occurrence whereby children are estranged from one parent through conditions instigated by the other parent. This often involves measures like that of brainwashing or by false accusations leveled at the other parent.

When asked about PAS, Zartz remarked that cases of PAS are definitely on the increase in South Africa. Other attorneys in the article stated that PAS seems to be instigated as much as twice in every five divorce and custody cases. There are many ways in which PAS is incited. Some parents go as far as falsely accusing their counterparts of abusing their children, physically and sexually. Sometimes all it takes is for a parent to continually vilify the other parent in front of the children.

Warning signs of PAS include odd behavior from children. They may be hostile toward one parent, or they may use vocabulary that they are unlikely to use and can only have heard such terms from the other parent. Parents must also remember to never discuss details of divorce in front of children unless it is a measure of family mediation.

The article highlighted a recent case in the United States whereby a mother had managed to alienate her children from the father to such a degree that the children became loath to even sitting and having lunch with their father. The judge made the controversial decision of taking the children out of the situation and placing them in a juvenile detention center whereby they could receive professional help.

There are ways and measures of avoiding and dealing with cases of PAS. Make sure that you look for warning signs of PAS or ensure that you do not incite PAS because it is likely that courts will deal more severely with such cases. For any legal assistance or representation regarding cases of child custody, contact Ivan Zartz Attorneys. Ivan Zartz Attorneys are adept in cases regarding child custody, custody agreements, contacts and care disputes as well as family mediation. Make sure to pick up the latest copy of YOU magazine dated 13 August #453