14 Sep

Shared Parenting: Keeping Up With The Times.

There has been somewhat of a movement or development in the United States with regards to ‘child custody’. The development’s place a lot of emphasis on the terminology used within child custody cases in the United States in cases where ‘visitation’ is regarded.

As times change so should law, and many attorneys in the USA believe that where visitation is regarded the term should be changed to ‘shared parenting’. What does this name change achieve? The change is quite formidable, actually. People once believed that child care was particularly up to the mother, whereas visitation and maintenance was in the father’s common function. But the modern state understands that it often takes a working couple to successfully raise a child or children, and that equal time spent with both parents is an essential aspect required for child development. Hence, shared parenting.

By referring to shared parenting, attorneys, courts and parties to a custody agreement will all be more inclined to see the agreement as being constructive with recognition of shared responsibilities, as opposed to two parents going through a confrontational litigation procedure. By changing the commonly used terminology, the very theory behind the laws also change, and hence we witness what may be considered a leveling of the playing field with regards to child custody in the United States.

By realizing that it is no longer uncommon for women to be the primary breadwinners within a family, and that it is not unheard of for fathers to become homemakers and care givers to children, it is about time that terminology within the legal field of child custody gets a well deserved turn-around. If you are looking for more information regarding child care and contact, then be sure to contact Ivan Zartz Attorneys. We specialize in all cases concerning child custody in South Africa.