13 Jul

Graeme Smith: A Father In Peril

Ivan Zartz was recently asked by YOU Magazine to comment on the recent spat between Graeme Smith and his wife, Morgan Deane. Morgan, the Irish pop singer whom Graeme Smith was infatuated with after the 2011 Cricket World Cup, gave birth to Gaeme’s two children, a girl and a boy in July 2012 and July 2013 respectively. What seemed as a match made in heaven quickly became a nightmare when news started circulating about Graeme’s extramarital affairs and the fact that the couple were fighting. By February this year, the couple formally announced their plans to divorce.

A situation that many deem to be caused by the ex-Proteas captain has developed into much domestic as well as international support for the Irish lady. Her comments on social media regarding her thoughts on her husband have amassed sympathetic responses from the public. But herein lies the tragedy. Much of the social-smearing can likely be a sign that Morgan may eventually alienate her children from their father.

Currently the children spend three days a week with Graeme, believed by Morgan to be too much time considering that she is the primary caregiver. Morgan also has an issue with the fact that the children’s Irish passports are currently in the hands of a third-party lawyer. Graeme should have access to his children three days a week because, not only is he their father, but he is also their provider, and will likely provide maintenance support after the finalization of the divorce. Graeme also has the right to put his children’s passports in the hands of a third-party lawyer if he believes that Morgan may attempt to take her children to Ireland.

Ivan Zartz recently had to travel with a client overseas to England to help in bringing back a child that was taken there by their one parent. Zartz argues that Graeme could be in a similar situation between Morgan and their children, and this is the reason marking his application to the High Court for a third-party lawyer to hold onto the passports.

It must be remembered that fathers have same rights to mothers in the case of custody over their children at the onset of divorce. Although modern trends show that the mother is at an advantage, Ivan Zartz’s is unbiased in his approach to helping his clients. For more information regarding child custody, contact Ivan Zartz attorneys today!