17 Aug

Babies Behind Bars!

As an aside, and information that is not directly linked to that of Family Law, is that there are hundreds of babies that are born and raised behind bars in South Africa. How does this occur? Mothers in South Africa that are found guilty of crimes are locked up WITH their children if the children are under the age of two.

This occurs because of a child’s need to be with his/her mother in their infancy stage of growing up. A child’s attachment to their mother are many international governments’ reason for allowing babies to grow up in the despicable environment found within prisons, and South Africa is no different.

Some prisons have developed and adapted the living conditions within prisons to suit the requirements of mothers and babies. Such prisons include Pollsmoor, where special ‘mother’ units have been constructed so that they allow a ‘softer’ environment and better living conditions that suit mother and child. It is a difficult task, arranging prisons so that they offer baby-friendly environments but also making sure that such exceptions do not restrict the mothers’ sentencing.

Some prisons elsewhere in the world, like those in South America, see children of all ages living in prison with their parents, while families who rely on the ‘breadwinning’ income of the imprisoned become entirely confined to cells.

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